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Easter 2016

Monday, 7 March 2016 21:03:58 Europe/London

Easter Case Solution

For food and wine enthusiasts, spring marks the beginning of the gastronomic year. After losing enthusiasm for lent or New Year resolution diets, people are regaining their appetite. What better excuse than the long Easter weekend to indulge in some fresh, vibrant, seasonal flavours, paired with some spectacular wine?! We've taken all the hard work out for you by hand picking this mixed case to enjoy with your Easter grub

Sparkling Wine: Nothing says luxury than a glass of quality Champagne with a late breakfast. This half bottle of Philippe Gonet Blanc de Blancs Champagne is the perfect accompaniment. A beautiful wine bursting with mouthwatering citrus flavours and notes of fresh pastry, this small bottle will match most breakfasts.

Light Dry Whites: I've chosen two very different styles of white for my Easter recommendations here. The first is a Sancerre from Fournier Pere et Fils; a dry but flavourful Sauvignon, with flinty minerality and light green fruit, which pairs well with any fish course or fresh spring vegetables (particularly asparagus, courgette etc). The second wine is a new staff favourite from Orange, Australia. It's a cool-climate Chardonnay from Philip Shaw and while light and delicate, will stand up to a roast dinner or buttery cottage pie equally.

Reds: There is no red wine that pairs more beautifully with seasonal Lamb than Rioja. It is always worth choosing a Reserva or Gran Reserva over a Crianza, as their extra ageing adds complexity and depth, whilst also softening the tannins which could overwhelm the delicate meat. I've chosen our Carlos Serres 2005 Gran Reserva, an exceptionally good value wine from a legendary vintage year.

Chocolate: Chocolate is notoriously difficult to pair "accurately" with a wine, and frankly I find it's a matter of personal taste. However, I would always recommend that the wine be at least red or fortified. Tawny Port is a classic safe bet for matching to chocolate, and our Quinta do Infantado 10 Year Old Tawny has been a sensational hit. If you prefer a drier wine with a lower ABV, our Liberty School Zinfandel is drinking very nicely at the minute and, with only the slightest touch of sweetness, pairs very well with chocolate. 

 liberty school zinfandel
Posted By Marina Harden

Christmas Case

Friday, 20 November 2015 12:29:15 Europe/London

Christmas Sorted 6 Bottle Case


We've got your Christmas Day sorted with our zero-panic seasonal case to take you from Morning to Boxing Day. We've put our heads together to find the perfect matches for your smoked salmon in the morning, the centrepiece roast, to your nibbles in the evening when you're testing out your new fluffy socks and deciding what to watch on TV!

Christmas Sorted - 6 Bottle Case: Click here to buy now

Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut: When you're a kid, nothing gets you out of bed quicker than the idea of presents. Here's a special present from the Wine Fairies just for grown-ups, and definitely worth getting up for. This classic traditional method bubbly is the perfect alternative to a wallet-busting Champagne at a time of year when every penny counts. The rich citrus and ripe stone-fruit flavours with a bready, creamy mousse makes for the perfect Christmas Breakfast - the high acid and creamy texture makes an excellent match for everything from smoked salmon to croissants.

Amanieu d'Albret Cuvée Damoiselle: Here we have an elegant Sauvignon blend from Bordeaux. The luxurious fruit and balanced acid makes this a perfect food wine, pairing well with fish and light meats. It's ideal for starters (particularly seafood) but can stand up to a roast or poached salmon at your main course.

Jacques Charlet Bourgogne Rouge: Burgundian Pinot Noir pairs like no other with roast turkey, duck, chicken, and stands up to dark meats such as venison or beef (it's earthiness makes an excellent pairing for nut roast too!) It's the perfect Christmas Dinner wine: light, but flavourful enough for matching strong flavours including ham, cranberry sauce and herby stuffing.

Terranoble Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon: I love this wine. It's luscious, luxurious fruit fills the mouth, with a subtle herbal note, ripe tannins and a long, velvety finish. It's ideal for a Boxing Day roast such as beef or venison, or the after-dinner cheese board.

Maison Sichel Sauternes: Nothing pairs better with your pudding than Sauternes, and this rich wine, lightly chilled, matches perfectly with panettone, Christmas pudding or apple based desserts. Sauternes is also a perfect accompaniment to pâté or foie gras, and blue cheese, so you can open it at any point in the day. This bottle, from Maison Sichel, is a very special release, with fruit from one of the most famous Sauternes vineyards ever known. It really is a treat, and there is no better time to uncork than Christmas Day!

Quinta do Infantado 10 year old Tawny Port: Tawny Ports are extremely versatile Christmas Day wines, pairing well with anything Christmassy and sweet. I love this one with Christmas Cake or mince pies, but is great for a cheese board (especially with a nice chutney) if you want to save your Cabernet Sauvignon for Boxing Day. You can also add a splash into mulled wine for a nice, boozy lift. The rich, spicy fruit simply sings out of the glass, and every sip is a luxurious mouthful. A great winter warmer for the end of your long day!

Posted By Marina Harden

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